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Jan. 26, 2022

105: The Creative Spark Ep. 105 with Guest Michael Bentt

105: The Creative Spark Ep. 105 with Guest Michael Bentt

Episode 105 -Michael Bentt is one of the most highly decorated amateur boxers in US history and in 1993 defeated Tommy Morrison with a first round knockout to win the WBO Heavyweight Boxing Championship. He also survived an abusive father, a suicidal experience and 4 days in a coma with swelling on his brain after his last fight. Post boxing, Michael tapped into his creative side and began writing, directing and acting in such movies as “Ali”, Public Enemies, numerous television shows, theater and was featured in the Netflix series “Losers."

Join Michael and I as we unwrap it all and dive into his process as an actor, writer and being vulnerable in today's society.

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 Website - www.michaelbentt.com
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